Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finding Rest: Pt 1

As a parent, regardless of my love for my children, I need to have some down time and things that I do apart from being mom. I'm learning that in order for me to give sacrificially to my family, I need to be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, in essence, to make them a priority, I have to be a priority.

In light of that, I thought I'd take a few posts and share some ways I relax, unwind, or just refresh.

And since we've just come out of weeks of sickness, I'm needing some refreshing and rest.

My friend's had their first child a few weeks ago, so I thought they might enjoy something for his room. My friend shared with me what bedding they were using for the crib and I took some ideas and used that to inspire these.

If you need to fill some wall space in your kid's room, you can save a lot of cash by creating something yourself. You can get the supplies from a crafts store. You'd need a canvas, paint, a pencil, and brushes. If you're going for great quality, you might want to use primer- especially under a dark color. It took a lot of effort to cover the white canvas with the brown paint.

Paint comes in a wide variety of quality and prices. More vibrant colors will be more expensive. So if you want something really bright and beautiful, it will be worth the cost. A good set of brushes are worth buying. You don't have to spend much, but you'll have them to use again if you decide to do more painting.

I usually sketch my design on first in pencil before I paint and then decide which colors to paint in what order. The giraffes I did free hand from the bedding design, but you can always print off and trace anything that inspires you. And for the circles I used various sizes of tupperware containers!

The great thing about doing this yourself is that it doesn't cost much and if it seems "baby-ish" as your child grows, you can paint over it with no great loss!

I couldn't "quit my day job" to paint, but I do find it very relaxing. Of course, I only find time for it while little ones are sleeping because paint and little hands are not my idea of a good time!

I find it very rewarding at the end to step back and see what the outcome is. When I was in my early 20s, I spent some time working in "full-time" Christian ministry and found that because my work didn't have a physical product and outcomes were often unseen, it could be frustrating. In the same way as parents, our work to shape and mold our children can become frustrating if we expect to see "results" that don't happen in our time and ways. I think this kind of "tangible" hobby helps me have an outlet for creativity and the God-given desire for a "product". And, at the same time, allows me to be a better mom because I don't feel the need to turn my kids into my project. I can allow them to learn and grow in their time and in the way God has designed them. And I can have the ability to show them more grace when they "fail" to behave in the way I expect them to.

If you're not "Type A" like I am, that may not make much sense. But, I know we all can relate on some level.

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