Sunday, February 6, 2011

You're One Crazy Kid

My Mogi boy can be a wild man. He's just a stereotypical boy. Fearless, loud, rowdy, fast. Pick any testosterone induced adjective and he'd probably fit it. But, as much as he may wear me out from being a speed demon and all the rest, I always know that when bedtime comes he'll be fast asleep. Thankfully, sleep is not an issue unless he's sick or severely teething and both are a rarity. He's always down by 8pm and generally sleeps until 8am.

So, imagine my surprise (ummm... frustration) when after waking at 6:30am in hopes of getting coffee, my Bible reading, a shower, and feeding AJ done before his 8am wake up, I hear him calling my name at 6:45. What???

Now, every once in a while he'll wake up early, talk to himself and fall back asleep, but calling my name at that hour? So, I attempted to ignore him for a bit, but by 7am it was apparent something was off. So, I entered his room hoping I could give him his stuffed animal and get him to lay down a bit longer.

Except... guess what I found? A NAKED boy! Okay, so he wasn't REALLY naked. He was wearing socks after all. Yeah, you read that right. I put him to bed in full pajamas and found him standing in his crib with his diaper on the floor and his pajamas at his ankles. Only his socks were where I'd left them! I sure hope he wasn't like that all night!

It was so shocking it was comical. I don't suppose I'll ever know what caused him to strip, but I'm guessing that he played with the zipper and pulled it undone and then found the Velcro on his diaper and took it off. Anyway, his diaper was soaked and he'd also left "his mark" on the sheets.

What a way to start the day! Do you have a story of finding your child less clothed than when you left them?

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