Friday, May 28, 2010


Just a word of encouragement for those of you whose child has had awful teething- it can get better. Each teething episode has been a little easier on Ramogi. The first two were horrible-crying and clinging for 2 weeks prior to break-thru, short naps, difficult to put down for naps, not wanting to eat... I pretty much took two weeks off work to hold him. It was impossible to work during naps because by the time he went down I was exhausted from all the work it took to get him down and then he'd only sleep 45 minutes, not his usual 90.

The next four came close together and were difficult, but not for the same extended period of time.

With teeth 7 and 8 (he always gets his in pairs with one side being a day behind the other) he was in pain after they broke through. No problems with naps, just more agrivated than usual, eating less/drinking more, and chewing on his finger.

In the last few days 9 and 10 have arrived. Its harder to know because you can't see them and I'm no fool to be putting my hand near his mouth. last time I did that to give him a taste of food he clamped down and didn't let up! But this AM Romanus bravely put his finger in "the trap" to massage his gums and found that an upper pre-molar has broken through on each side. We knew he was teething because he is eating less/drinking more, seems to be fussier and is chewing his thumb. Glad to know they've arrived and hope he's back to his unteething self soon. Also glad that he's not a basketcase becasue of it anymore.

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