Friday, May 28, 2010

Things we'll reuse with AJ

Stuff I already have that I'll be able to reuse:
- Breastpump. A Medela electric double pump that made it possible to bf Ramogi twice as many months. Highly recommended and worth the bucks for anyone who wants to bf and have a life that requires them to be away from baby at times. Purchase it from Day 1 and get help from a lactation specialist if needed. Just my two cents!
- Moby wrap. This is supposed to be one of the easiest to use and bf in. Plus, its really soft and comfy, and can be used by different people with out resizing.
- Swaddle. If Dos is anything like Ramogi, we'll be using the variety of SwaddleMes we own for the first four months at every nap and all night long.
-Convertible Car Seat. Ramogi ourgrew an infant seat at 6 months, so we have two convertible seats and we'll use one with Dos. We may end up buying a second Eddie Bauer Convertible at some point because its such a great seat and the other is pretty basic.
-Infant Swing. We used this a lot with Ramogi, especially in the first three months. After that he'd just about grown out of it.
-Infant Seat/Rocker. This was a great find on consignment for $5. Baby can be straped in and then we can bring him/her up to table level when we eat or just for lounging around.
- Cloth Diapers. We bought cloth diapers and use them with Ramogi and with the new baby. We have 8 Blueberry diaper covers and 3 sizes of prefolds, 2 dozen of each. We also have 7 Haute Pockets which are as simple as a disposable. We mainly use them for babysitters and taking to the church nursery.
- Toys. Over the next few months I plan on putting away more of Ramogi's toys that will be good for the new baby. There's lots of stuffed/stroller/car seat toys that are out but he doesn't play with anymore. That way if he sees Dos with them he won't be as inclined to take them, I hope!
-Pack N Play. Like I said in a previous post, we ahve two of these and the one with the bassinet we'll use in our room when baby is born and then as a crib until Dos hits the weight limit.
-Infant bath tub. Our current tub is big enough for Ramogi, but has a recline for newborns that can be set inside. We'll use this for both of them as long as possible since we only have showers in our house, no baths!

Lots of our things have come from consignment sales. As long as it is washable/disinfectable and not a safety device, I usually purchase used. By safety device I mean car seat. Most of Ramogi's toys and clothes have come from consignment and several big ticket items (Pack N Plays, strollers, monitor). It's saved us A LOT of cah that way. If we have to buy new, I research which item I want and wait for it to go on sale.

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