Monday, November 24, 2008


It seems like such a long time since I wrote. Things have been busy with school, wrapping up assignments prior to the week-long break my university affords.
I've spent the weekend enjoying being around the house and doing some cooking finally. I really enjoy cooking, but when school has me stressed thin its just "one more thing" on the to-do list. Hubby has been grateful for the return of cooking since he's a bit, well extremly, "disabled" in that arena.

Tomorrow night my parents arrive for a long holiday weekend. But, before that I have scheduled a lunch date with two people very dear to me to share our happy news. My Grammy, adopted in love, and her daughter have been family to me across the years. I know they have been praying for us and eagerly awaiting the news of our child. And now the time has come to share it! I'm so excited and I know they'll guess before I get to say anything.

After that I have my monthly doctor's appointment. I'm not really sure what goes on since there's no sonogram to take. Guess I'll just wait and see! I have gained around 2 pounds in the last few months and it's all in my belly. (I know this because my pants fit until I get to the waistline!) So, the belly is becoming more obvious, especially with any fitted clothes. I've started to buy a few maternity clothes here and there as I need. This week it was some shirts that are long enough to tuck in or cover my stomach. Its gotten a bit cold and having a belly hanging out is no fun! I haven't found any pants that fit very well right now, but am hoping to find a few things in the post-holiday sales!

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