Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well, it seems that the nausea has passed, at least for now. It hasn't bothered me this week, and for that I'm grateful. Of course, I wondered at first, "does this mean something's wrong with Bean?" But, everything else is still present and I feel oh so pregnant. It's just nice not to have that swimming feeling.
My exhaustion is still ever-present. My mom assures me that I will be tired for the rest of my life, a condition of parenthood. Thanks for the encouragement mom! But, this is a different kind of tired amplified by the fact that there's a little life in me that I have to think of and care for. So, just pushing through the tiredness isn't an option, obviously my body is in need of something, like rest. And doctoring up on caffeine isn't an option either. So, my old tried-and-true methods are out-the-window and I just have to sleep. Plus, once I've hit my limit it feels as if my eyes are crossing, then a headache begins, and dizziness sets in. Whoah... Even the Army didn't prepare me for this.

On a more positive note: Bean and I got to share our happy news with a few more people this week. I informed my major professor who was glad for us and shared congratulations. (Sidenote: I am blessed beyond measure to have an incredible major professor who always encourages me to put family first. Meaning, if something with family comes up that interrupts another obligation, so be it. I've never felt pressured to make decisions that put school in front of my family responsibilities.)
I also shared with a few office-mates, who are very excited. One of them just found out in the last few days she is pregnant also! So, now we are pregnancy buddies! Yay!

I'm looking forward to spilling the BEAN in the next few weeks and allowing our happiness to be very public. No more hiding my increasingly pudgy belly behind sweaters and layers, unless I so chose!

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