Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today is the 6 week mark of my pregnancy. I am overjoyed at this milestone. Today I was thinking about how I feel like I've been pregnant so much longer than 6 weeks. I guess the Belly Blues does make time stretch out! We are so thankful for the blessing of this child and HAPPY! We still haven't told anyone yet. Well, I told one friend who I knew miscarried to get some encouragement and advice, which she provided en masse! Other than that, no one knows! Its our own little, happy secret, and I love it...
That does feel a little strange to say since I'm not into secrets and am horrible at keeping anything from my mother, but it is what it is! One of my dearest friends is coming to visit this weekend and I'm planning on telling her when she's here. Next Tuesday I have my ultrasound and then that weekend my parents will be here. We're planning on surprising them with the ultrasound video and I'll call my sister after getting the ultrasound done!
It's all so much fun, now if I can only concentrate as much on my research! Here's to hoping!

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