Sunday, October 26, 2008


One of my very best friends came to visit this weekend. We hadn't seen each other in months during to our busyness and living situations. It was so good to hang out with her. I got to share our good news with her, which she wasn't surprised about! Of course she knew we'd been trying and about earlier loss, and was happy for us. We got to hang out and talk, like "girls" do and had a lot of fun!
We went to a local syrup festival yesterday. Nothing like reveling in local culture. It was more like a Flea Market than Arts and Crafts show, but fun none-the-less. Once we got past all the crazy smells, we ate and then shared a Funnel Cake! Yumm.... Such fried goodness.
I was sorry to see her head home, although I know she has her own life and own responsibilities. I love you friend, come back again soon...

Tuesday is my first ultrasound, and I am eagerly awaiting my appointment. I have been feeling yesterday and today and wonder if its related to the extra B6 I've been taking in a new prenatal vitamin. I hope so, because its so much easier to eat and exercise when I don't feel nauseous! Plus, except for a few pairs of pants that I bought too big, no pants are comfortable on me. Supposedly its unusual to need new clothes this early, but tight pants and nausea don't go well together! And my dear friend that visited told me that work-out pants for the next 9 months was not an acceptable wardrobe, even if pregnancy seems like a decent excuse. : ( Maybe after Tuesday's appointment I'll need to go shopping. : )

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