Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Hubby and I went to the NC mountains this past weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary. The drive was a bit long, but we had a great time. I had a lot of outdoor activities planned, but the weather, my Belly Blues, and an overactive bladder slowed us down. We enjoyed some beautiful drives through the gorgeous October-colored leaves and got to see the Linville Falls.

We stayed in a cute cabin at an old fashioned Motor Lodge. I liked having a front porch and trees outside, something different than a regular hotel. Hubby was just glad we weren't off in the woods so he didn't have to worry about "getting eaten by bears." Haha!

We enjoyed eating at the local restaurants. We had Thai one night and pizza another. The third day we wandered around downtown and ate snacks and more pizza. Overall, we were able to relax together and just hang out and be together.
Hubby really was wonderful and gave me the best present ever by telling me that he'd chose to marry me again and then got down on one knee and proposed his love again to me! What can I say? There's nothing I'd rather hear!
Being a mom-in-making did leave its mark on the trip. : ) Swinging violently between hungry, full, and nauseous, to racing for a bathroom to relieve my bladder was comical at times. Plus, I was pretty tired. Our first night I fell asleep while Hubby was watching TV, laying on the bed in the clothes I had been wearing all day. Hubby tried to "help" me sleep "properly", but I'd have none of it and stayed that way until morning! What sheer exhaustion can do!
Since we've been back the Belly Blues have gotten the best of me at times, although each day I'm figuring out how to manage a little better. Mornings are hard as I feel queasy and dizzy, so I try and take it easy. From the time I get out of bed until I get back in at night, I eat perpetually. From this alone I figure someone's going to figure out soon that I'm pregnant. And this advice about eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 in order to feel better is baloney. The thought of eating a meal at all is more than I can handle. I just snack all day long. Saltines when I wake, yogurt and a granola bar gradually with more saltines, around lunch chicken salad on saltines, then an apple or pear and cup of noodles during the afternoon, probably another granola bar on the way home from campus, dinner eaten in stages over an hour or two, and something to snack on right before bed. I also have a drink with me all the time usually very watered down juice. Hopefully I'll get better at handling it as the days pass.

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