Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Belly Blues

I don't like misnomers, and "Morning Sickness" is definitely one, so I've decided to rename it Belly Blues. Maybe it will catch on. Well, I hadn't been feeling any Belly Blues or ickiness at all, until today. I woke up and got the feeling that I needed to eat right away, so I made a PB&J, the usual cereal didn't sound good. But, the first bit was bearable, the second, not so much. Its like the PB was too peanut buttery : \ and the jelly was too sweet. Plus my nose was being super sensitive and everything was a huge hassle; Hubby's wash cloth in the shower, something smelled funny outside, cigarette smell at the gas station. I was not in good shape. So, knowing that I needed to eat SOMETHING, I stopped at the gas station to find something quick on the way to class. 16 saltines and some Ruby Red Grapefruit juice later I was feeling better. Not perfect, but good enough to eat a big meal of BBQ for lunch.
Now its suppertime and I feel okay except I don't have much of an appetite. Hopefully the soup I picked out to eat will actually get eaten!

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