Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1st doctors visit

Yesterday was my first doctor's appointment. Mostly medical history and getting blood drawn. All my blood work came back without a problem. I also got this little bag of goodies, most of it was prenatal vitamins that I don't need. But, there was a very neat magazine with all kinds of pictures of the developing baby! Most fun was that my first ultrasound was scheduled for two weeks from today. I can't wait!
I had a cold this past weekend and that seems to be gone. But, I have been so exhausted the last few days. I've been going to bed really early, and then I don't sleep especially well, and then I'm tired all day long. It's beginning to look like a vicious cycle.
This Thursday Hubby and I are headed to NC to celebrate our 5th anniversary. I can't wait. Even if we only stay in the cabin and sleep, I'll be grateful for the rest! But, hopefully we'll get to do some hiking and see Asheville.
Meanwhile my major professor has returned from a month in Autralia and I'm supposed to have some answers on what my dissertation will look like. Except I only have some vague ideas and nothing especially exciting to tell him! : ( Hope our conversation goes well...

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