Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Cloth Diapers: BumGenius 4.0

Our latest addition to the cloth diaper "stash" arrived today! Six BumGenius 4.0 Snaps in Ribbit from Nicki's Diapers. I was so excited when they came that I rushed them into the wash and dryer so we could try them out. They are a work of art!

 This is the first BumGenius we've purchased, but I have one that a friend gave me and really liked it. I was moved to purchase them because of the great sale they have going on right now. Bum Genius 4.0 are Buy 5 Get 1 Free! That brings the price to $15 each!!!!

I really can't use enough exclamation points to describe my excitement. If you don't cloth diaper then you probably think I'm a little nutty, but using cloth diapers has been one of the greatest sources of savings for our family in these early years of having children. It's a modest upfront investment ($200-500 depending on your likes) but you can them pay nothing on diapers until your 'little' is out of diapers.

"Well, Molly, if they're so great, why are you spending more money on new ones?"

Good question.

Because I have Two Under Two. I thought Mogi would be potty trained by now and out of cloth diapers, but we're still in the process and its not going to be done tomorrow. He does go through a lot less diapers than Aj does, but they still get used and we didn't have enough to make it from wash day to wash day. There's nothing worse than needing to get your child dressed only to realize the diapers are still wet in the wash and there's no clean ones to use. Since this has happened or nearly happened several times lately, I decided to buy more. Also, AJ is a big wetter for her size and I bought some Cotton Babies Diaper Doublers from Nicki's to use with her prefolds and covers. I've been having to change her diaper so often that its become a hassle. And I can't imagine she like sitting in a soggy diaper!

Do you have questions about cloth diapering? Something that's preventing you from taking the "leap"? Share them on hear and I'll try to answer them. We'll also be having a series over at Muddy Mamas in the next few months on cloth diapers, so if I can't answer them I know one of the other cloth diaper Mamas can!

+++ I'm not receiving compensation in any way for this post. I'm just a huge fan!++

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