Wednesday, April 13, 2011

KABOOM! There went naptime...

Funny story. Well, okay, not funny, but I tell myself it is so I can stay sane.

The kids and I met up with some other mommy friends and they're kids at the park today for lunch and some playtime. It was beautiful, but sunny and hot. We stayed longer than I had planned and got home almost an hour later than Mogi usually goes down for a nap. And...when we pull into the driveway I see that he's asleep.

But, AJ, she's "talking" away. She'd taken a short nap at the park and apparently was feeling vocal.

I get both the kids in the house and Mogi in his bed without too much disturbance. I feed AJ and lay her in her crib 30 minutes later hoping she'll take the hit and fall asleep. Well, she doesn't. She swings back and forth between delighted squeals and frustrated cries, and I keep going in to try and get her to lower the volume.

She finally gets quiet and no more than 30 minutes later Mogi awakens. He's upset and I put him on the toilet thinking he has to potty and return him to bed. But, he's made so much noise...

Yes, you guessed it... AJ's awake again. And then 15 minutes later Mogi's awake as well.

Wow. Sure glad I don't attempt to be productive during naps. Oh wait, I do. I'm trying to get a PhD!

The end result was me having an extra cup of coffee at 4pm and EARLY BEDTIMES!!

Have any crazy naptime stories you'd love to share???

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