Monday, August 16, 2010

Sewing Course in Jacmel, Haiti

Since the quake back in Januaruy, I have been reading the blog of Gwenn Mangine, a missionary to Haiti with her family. She and her husband are house parents with Joy in Hope/Haitian Children's Home in Jacmel, Haiti. And although being an American serving as a missionary in Haiti has its own challenges, their challenges have been multiplied and amplified as a result of the massive earthquake. Anyway, I'll let you read her blog to see how they're journey is going.

A few days ago tho', she shared that her MIL would be visitng and holding a sewing clinic. Please read her post and see if you're able to help with their collection. I plan to put whatever supplies I can gather in the mail by September 10th, so if you'd like to donate, let me know and get titems to me before then.

I was blessed to be taught by my mom how to sew at a young age. I know the skills they will be learning will be beneficial to the children there, for their own care, but also as a possible source of income as they reach adulthood.

Please help with donating items as you are able.

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