Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Avoidance and Distractions

Right now I am in the thick of this "class" project and with T-minus 48 hours until my presentation, I SHOULD NOT be writing a post, but...

Ugh, this project is killing me. Killing me slowly, killing me softly, whatever, its just killing me. And right now, I'd rather being doing even the dishes (I despise dishes) than working on this. But, avoidance isn't going to get it done and its going to be staring in my face when I finish this post.

Okay, just so you know how "ugh" I am, here's my attempt at an analogy of how poorly this project is fairing:

Imagine you're in charge of making a birthday cake. It's the first birthday cake you've made but you found a book and instructions and ingredients and Martha Stewart assures you she can guide you through the process of making a flawless 3-layer cake with meringue icing. Only you get to the kitchen to make and bake your cake and find out to your horror that there isn't an oven to bake your cake. In fact, the only thing you have is a grill on the back porch.

But, you've GOT to make this darn cake. So, despite the fact that you don't have any idea what ingredients you should be using or how long to cook it, you start fuddling through attempts at making something that you can call a cake.

After what feels like 40 attempts you're pretty darn frustrated and about to give up. Your only hope is the possibility that the people eating the cake know as little about what a good cake should taste like as you hope!

Yeah, weird analogy, but that's me right now. Hoping I can "fake the funk" and no one will bother to call my bluff on it! Not my usual method when it comes to work, but as the saying goes "desperate times call for desperate measures"! I'll let you know how things turn out in a few days.

Happy Grilling!

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