Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a GIRL!

Almost two weeks ago now we had our "anatomical" ultrasound. I was a little over 19 weeks with Baby 2 and felt like we'd been waiting forever to find out the sex. I wasn't really sure what I thought, whether it was a boy or girl. Of course I thought having a second boy might be easier, since we'd been down that road before. But, I had to admit, the thought of a laid back, no fuss girl was pretty appeasing too. (I was one of those "entertain yourself, hardly make a peak, look at cross-eyed is the only discipline needed" kind of girls). Everyone around me, except my doctor, seemed to think I was having a girl. And my best friend was desperate for me to have a girl, someone to pass on her "fashion sense" to.
The tech didn't take much time building up our suspense and quickly told us we were having a girl. Did I mention that Mogi, my parents, and sister-in-law accompanied us? They were all invited, of course! I got a lot of "I knew it" after that. But, I'm happy to know. Happy to be able to call her by name. That afternoon we had planned a trip to Babies R Us and I bought her an adorable set of dresses for next summer. And a package of hair ribbons. No one's going to mistake this girl for a boy!
Then later that night,  a friend whose daughter was born last Fall came by and dropped off a HUGE bag of girl clothes. So, AJ's set for her first 6 months of life! I certainly don't ahve to spend any time clothes shopping for at the consignments this fall. What a blessing of time and money saved!
The only downside was the tech didn't take any good pictures of AJ! We have an okay video, which doesn't seem compatible to post on U-Tube, or I would. There's 4 pictures and they're all of the back of her head! (Sad face.) We got a glimpse of her profile in the video and its just like her brother. Same sweet lips and nose. She did say she was moving a lot, so maybe that was the culprit? She's been moving a good bit lately. Not fierce like Mogi was, but moving plenty.
Well, 18 weeks or so and we'll get to see you face-to-face, Baby Girl. Your mama can't wait!

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