Friday, March 5, 2010

More Teeth

Things are going well with school, when I'm able to focus on it, but poor Mini-Man has had the teeth troubles! Tooth #5 and possibly #6 have broken through. But he is so distressed by the pain that he won't let me near his mouth most of the time.

The whole house has been put on antibiotics and Mini-Man and I are finished with our courses. No sniffles or coughs or green gunk here. Halleluiah!!!

Next week I'm giving a seminar on my proposed research for my department. At this point I feel wholly unprepared and nervous. It doesn't help that I'll be going first out of my peers who all signed up for later weeks. Laughably, I reserved Spring break to present, not realizing it was Spring Break! So, I had to take the only date left, the first! At least I'll have it done and the stress behind me, but my selfish pride would really like to "Wow" or at least placate my committee and the others that attend. Oh, prideful self, how I despise you so!!

There is more I should be writing about: a continuation of "Where I Am Write Now" with some details on all I have been sorting through in the priorities of life and these callings/roles placed on me and what the awesome grace of God through Jesus Christ has been teaching me over these last weeks. But, my time seems brief so I will get to it soon enough.

Oh, and there have been some sweet moments this week with Mini-Man, when he's not in pain. He's really started waving; hello, goodbye, at random people in the store, at the dog. He's also started reaching out when he wants you to pick him up or take him. I can't put into words how it makes my heart leap for my little boy to reach over to me so I can pick him up. Moments like that just fuse into my mind: "This is for real. He is ours. We get to keep him. How can we be so amazingly blessed?"

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  1. One of my favorite things is for Charlotte to walk over to me with her arms reached up, wanting me to pick her up. I just melt every time!! :)