Sunday, November 2, 2008


This weekend my parents came to visit. Not long after they set down their bags we shared our ultrasound video with them. They were so excited and happy! We enjoyed watching Bean's precious heartbeat together and being grateful for this miracle. I know how much their hearts broke with ours when we lost our first.
Then Saturday night we saw my brother (P) and sister-in-law(M) to get to share the news with them. They've only been married six months, so M can't wait to spend time with the baby and hopes it will relieve some of her baby cravings! I didn't have the heart to tell her that it will only make them worse! But, I'm so glad they're here in town and will be able to help us or come to our rescue when we need it.

I've started to gain some weight, exclusively in the belly area. I bought a second-hand pair of jeans that fit, size 8. I just skipped the size 6 completely. Because they're a slim cut they fit everywhere with extra room in the belly. "Ambah" will be glad that I'm going to spend less days in my stretchy work-out pants. It's a little crazy to see the scale increase and not really be sure where the weight coming from or "landing" on my body. Normally, if I had gained 5 pounds in a few weeks I would see changes in my face and hips. But, not now. And its hard to tell if I'm really eating more than usual. With the doctor's advice, I've added a big dose of vitamin B6 to my day. This has helped with the motion sickness-like nausea immensely. But, I still get every other symptom, including needing mass amounts of sleep(~12hr/day). Because of the physical toll of pregnancy being more than I expected and having weeks of nausea, I decided to take "Incompletes" in my classes this semester. This will give me more time to complete all the work while focusing on going to class and the day-to-day assignments until i get out of the first trimester. I'm really glad to have this option and have professors who have been understanding.

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