Thursday, January 20, 2011


My friend wrote an entry with some confessions today. Another blogger had inspired her. I've been inspired to bare a bit of my soul...

1. I'd much rather be sleeping than writing this, but my 2 month old needs her "dream feed" in 30 minutes so I'm trying to stay awake and be "productive".

2. I have no financial saavy. Too many times I have paid bills just in time to keep the power from being disconnected. I think one time it actually did get disconnected. We have the money, I just don't always have the memory to get it done.

3. I really enjoy fast food and I hate that I do! I'd eat it for breakfast or lunch everyday if my wallet and waistline could handle it.

4. I think I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper, Dr. K., Mr. Pibb or whatever other name the "drug" goes by. I've had to stop buying it so I won't drink it like a maniac. I can't handle having it in the house lately. But, its usually what I order if I break down and eat fast food.

5. My short-term memory is so bad these days that if my routine gets out of whack I can easily forget to change my newborn's diaper before she goes down for a nap.

6.I thought this post would be amusing, but its just feeling depressing. Stopping now...

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