Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Class

I went to my last class today. Like the last class of my last class needed for my PhD credits! I couldn't be happier.

My project didn't end up anything great, but I got it done and made my presentation. And my house is still standing, and my husband and I are speaking, and my son is in one piece. Not too shabby all in all. And I'm worn out, but not strung out, a world of difference...

So, if you prayed for my sanity, I thank you for it. God provided time to get it all done, even when it seemed like time was quickly slipping away. (Did I mention I barely had babysitting coverage last week because Mogi's teething got so bad with a fever and the "runs" we weren't sure if he was getting the flu or something. So, we really didn't want to expose anyone else just in case. But, the day after his tooth broke through it all calmed down and even his appetite came back.)

I do have a little more work to finish for my online class between now and Tuesday, but that should not be a problem.

Happy Friday : )

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